Trauma & TPD

While they are not possibilities we like to dwell on, the fact remains that a surprising number of people are affected by a major health trauma event in their lives, like cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Trauma insurance provides a lump sum payment to help you financially while you are treated and recover from a serious illness and will pay you an agreed sum on the diagnosis or occurrence of specific health crises.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance provides you with a lump sum benefit in the event you suffer a total and permanent disability and are unable to ever work again and earn an income. Your permanent disability could be the result of a significant career ending injury or may be the brought by a debilitating illness.

This lump sum of money is usually made up of the following:

  • A lump sum to pay out any debts including home mortgage, car loans, personal loans etc.
  • A lump sum of money you can invest to generate a long term income to help meet your day to day living expenses
  • Funds to cover any medical and rehabilitation costs including home modifications if required

The professionals at Forum Financial Services can assist you in calculating how your Trauma and TPD insurance should be structured to meet your needs.