Yes, we all know about superannuation, we read and hear about it every day. Or do we?

While almost every Australian has superannuation, the vast majority of people have not sought professional advice on how their super is set up, and if it is going to meet their financial needs once they reach retirement age.

Do you know?

  • What the forecast balance of your super will be at your planned retirement age?
  • If your employer is prepared to work with you to enhance your super as part of your employment?
  • Can you contribute more through a tax effective salary sacrifice?
  • The special tax concessions available?
  • The special incentives available?

Superannuation is a very effective way to secure your financial future in retirement and the government provides generous tax incentives to encourage individuals to invest in their own super.

There are also additional opportunities to build your super, dependant on you income and family situation, through special incentives like the government’s co-contribution scheme and a tax rebate available to those making superannuation contributions on behalf of their spouse.

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