Income Protection

Income protection insurance is important for everyone, but especially for those who are self-employed.

If you suffer and injury or an illness that prevents you from working, income protection insurance will provide an ongoing income for you and your family for an agreed period. It is simply a fact of life that the mortgage, school fees, rates and the grocery bill will continue to roll in while you are unable to work.

While we all understand that illness can seriously interfere with our working lives, many people live in the mistaken belief that a personal injury is most likely to occur at work and that the companies’ workers compensation cover will provide for them. The reality is that most of the injuries which prevent people from attending their workplace happen outside working hours. Simple things, from slipping in the driveway and hurting your back to tearing up your knee playing a fun game of over 30’s football. These are the things that happen in real life and are not covered by workers compensation.

Well planned income protection insurance providing adequate cover to meet your regular repayments and living expenses is surprisingly inexpensive if well planned and tailored to meet your specific situation.